You're a Listener and you don't get it...

Those of us on the air really hate it when some dork wins a great prize and their enthusiasm level is slightly higher than that of a dead goldfish. When this happens....some DJ's, with no sense of fair play, will dump the real 10th caller (because he was an idiot) and try to find a caller who knows how to react to winning a good prize! Of course none of us at KRUD have ever done this.....but, uh, we've all wanted to. DJ's hate emotionless twits who win contests. They should be banned from using the phone forever.

KRUD Listener Tip: When calling a radio station to win a contest, never, never, never, sound like you just woke up, don't care if you win or lose, or in general, show no excitement in your voice. This is really stupid on your part. It immediately tells the DJ that your age and IQ are probably the same. Maybe the station is going to pick the grand prize winner based on who sounded great on the radio? What are you gonna do then Bonehead? It's Show Biz and you're a part of it. If you can't dance, go sit in the corner and leave us alone.

Male winners are the worst. They have to be cool...they're to macho to show any excitement on the radio..but just wait until they hang up the phone. They go nuts runnin' around tellin' everybody how they won on the radio. Did you ever wonder why most of the winners you hear on the radio are female? Be Excited or be a Loser!