You're a Listener and you don't get it...

Wouldn't you just love to hear this one during your breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Commercials, unlike music, are not dayparted. They can run at anytime and they can contain just about anything.

So we can't say certain words on the air but we can play some of the most disgusting commercials ever dreamed up. Let's see.... warts, hemorrhoids, yeast infections, diarrhea, constipation, blackheads, pimples, ear infections, adult diapers, ... have you heard the one where the woman says her Maxi had a blowout? Honest!

KRUD Listener Tip: So you want to complain about something. The next time you hear a commercial that makes you sick or ruins your dinner.... CALL AND COMPLAIN!

Radio Stations will play anything as long as they're making money. Sales doesn't care about content, neither does management. Advertisers are clueless. So, next time you hear an offensive commercial...bitch to the station, then bitch to the company that produced the commercial.

Every radio station has its price. If the money is right, they'll play any commercial, regardless of content or the quality of the commercial.