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You're a Listener and don't get it...

Well, here it is... 1999!  Whoopdeeedooo!  Time for resolutions... not even radio stations are immune from those damn things..  OK, in 1999 we will be a better website... we'll try to have more cartoons and other neat stuff about radio up every week.  We'll post job openings and online resumes.  We'll even..... screw it!  We're too damn lazy to do all of that.  Happy New Year!  Oh, we heard that your station is considering a format change... thought you'd like to know... once again, Happy New Year!

KRUD Listener Tip: Time to start thinking about how you're going to hide all that money you won last year from the IRS... good luck!  We turned in a 1099 on your butt... you gotta report it... hahhahahahah!