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Your a Listeer and don't get it....

Radio stations and love on the line... This comes under the "you can't win" department.  There will always be listeners who call the request line when their favorite DJ is on with the intent of making "personal contact" with the DJ.   Most of us in the business learned early on to avoid calls of this nature.   It is very rare that anyone a DJ (or anyone else) would be slightly interested in going out with would call them on the request line.  If the caller was good looking and had no mental problems.. they wouldn't be call a DJ in the first place.... so we try to get out of the conversation as tactfully as possible by.. telling lies about ourselves... and it never fails... the caller doesn't care.   For related cartoons see the links below.

Getting A Date On The Request Line Part 1

Getting A Date On The Request Line Part 2

KRUD Listener Tip: When you win a contest.... and the prize is not what you wanted to win... Why did you call in the first place and secondly don't try to haggle for something better on the air.   It marks you as an ungrateful weasel.   We then develop a desire to kill you.