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You're a Listener and you don't get it... 

DJs get jobs by sending resumes to radio stations.  These resumes usually contain quite a bit of hype and lies about the abilities and accomplishments of the DJ and of course, the reason he is unhappy with his present job and the hard-ass Program Director that doesn't know anything about radio.  So, if a DJ sends out one of these "letter bombs" and the mailing address is incorrect and he used station letterhead and envelopes to mail it.... it will come back...... and it sometimes will come back to the hard-ass Program Director that the DJ has maligned in the resume.  This can cause a certain degree of embarrassment for the jock and shorten his air-shift at the station.   (This toon is based on a true story. Hi Steve!)

KRUD Listener Tip:   Just when you thought you were going to be the next big winner on your favorite radio station the money and cars disappear.  This is a sure indication that the ratings period is over.   The station no longer has to "pay" or entice you to listen.  Your next BIG chance to win will be in the Fall.  Have a great summer.... Loser!