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You're a Listener and you don't get it... 

There are certain times when we (the DJ's) are GODs!  We have the power to make or break your day and it's all up to us and how WE feel when you try to win one of our stupid contests.   Do we go strictly by the rules when we think you are "just another stupid listener" or do we have mercy on your poor, pitiful, meager existence and let you win the ninety-two dollars and thirty cents. 

KRUD Listener Tip:   Is it our imagination or are "shock jocks" getting dumber?  The next time you hear a shock jock, pick up the phone, call him (they're usually hims) and ask him if there is anything he could say on the radio that would get him fired.  Then insist that you think he is so good that under no circumstance would the station risk losing him.... even if he said (whatever he said).....   Dare him to say it... C'mon! Jump! Jump!   

Why would we advocate this?  Well, there are too many stupid "shock jocks" on the air.   If it weren't for the alleged shock value of their shows they'd be unemployed.  Ever hear of natural selection?   You, the listener, are part of the environment.. Darwin.