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You're a Listener and you don't get it... 

Another true radio story... Every radio station (and every office for that matter) has a 'fridge thief! Sometimes it takes throwing out a red herring to keep them on their toes. Sometimes it takes a red herring sandwich. Try this at your office...It's fun.     Thanks to Phil Hall, and welcome back to Dallas.

KRUD Listener Tip:   There are many reasons a DJ will not answer the request line.  Sometimes we are actually on the air.  Sometimes we are on the can.  Here are a few of the other reasons we don't answer.  Maybe you fall into one of these categories....

  • Idiot listeners who just want to talk... (we're workin' here)
  • Creditors
  • Ex-Wives / Ex-Husbands
  • Ex-Girl Friends / Ex-Boy Friends
  • Drunks
  • Extremely ugly people claiming they aren't
  • Listeners too dumb to understand the station contest
  • Listeners too dumb to note that the song they are requesting is the song we either are playing or just finished playing
  • Listeners who just had a friend or loved one die and they NEED you to play a song in their memory.
  • Listeners who take offense at every little bit or comment we do or make on the air in an attempt to keep their fat dumb asses amused.