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You're a Listener and you don't get it... 

Millions and millions of dollars in equipment and technology are being used to transmit the very latest in entertainment and information,   which should have some impact on our society.  Information to educate, broaden our horizons as individuals and as a society......  but uhhhh... somewhere along the line something went wrong.

KRUD Listener Tip:   When attending a concert sponsored by your favorite radio station.... If some of the DJs are there... (they will be forced to attend)  please do not corner them and ask for free shit.  Do not corner them and complain.   Do not corner them and ask.. "Do you remember when I called you last month?"  Do not corner them and gripe about the music played.  Do not corner them and gripe about the contest and how hard it is to get in.  Do not corner them and gripe about the request line......  to make this very short.   Tell them hello, you love listening to them and then go watch the freaking concert. 

The DJs are not the complaint department.  They probably make less than you and certainly don't get paid for listening to your complaints and have absolutely no authority to change anything you are bitchin' about.