You're a Listener and you don't get it...

It never fails. We're on the air and all of a sudden.... we have to relieve ourselves and every record is two minutes long. That's not long enough to even get to the john, much less use it. So we find the longest record we can get our hands on.. four minutes, thirty seconds sounds just about right... and we fire it off and make a mad dash to the john, which management, in all their wisdom, put at the other end of the building so the GM could take a dump at a moments notice.

We get to the john and..... the damn record either starts skipping or with the advanced technolgoy of the 90's, starts stuttering. Abort, abort, abort, mad dash to the other end of the building and the on-air studio to fix the record. Pant's around ankles and pained look on face, followed by echos of extrememe profanity.

KRUD Listener Tip: If you hear a really l o n g record on your favorite radio station, 9 times out of ten the jock is headed for the john. Don't call the request line.. it will not be answered. The jock has paperwork to do.