You're a Listener and you don't get it...

Then you must either be in sales or be married or dating someone in sales. Believe us... the rest of the world gets it!

KRUD Listener Tip: They're not called Radio Salesmen anymore... they're called Account Executives. Doesn't that sound impressive? These are the men and women who sell commercial time on radio stations. These people make tons of money. More proof that life ain't fair!

Management would have us believe that without these people, none of us on the air would get paid. That they are the driving force behind the radio station. That they should be treated with respect and allowed to move to the front of any line, take the last piece of cake and in absolved of all their crimes. That they, in fact, are Gods of a lesser nature. The truth is.. last week they may have sold you that lemon at the used car lot.

To management we say.... Without the product on the air.. they can't sell squat!