You're a Listener and you don't get it... 

Why are all morning shows the same?  Well, it's for the same reason you stop on a channel you weren't looking for while looking through the 300 channels you have available on your cable or satellite dish.  You can be flippin through channels real fast but if you see any of the following you will usually stop and watch for a few minutes

(1) Cleavage, Hooters, Boobs
(2) A nice ass, buns, abs
(4) Anything sexual (jokes, talk, anything... none of us get enough)
(5) A stripper (male or female)

Radio morning shows hope that if you hear them talking about any of the above stuff you will stop long enough to become caught up in the talk/humor and somehow remember to put the fact that you listened for at least 15 minutes in the Arbitron diary.  (There's no point in saying "Rating Service Diary" anymore... Arbitron is the only one anyone uses and we're stuck with it.)

KRUD Listener Tip:   Speaking of Morning Shows... here's the formula.  No matter where you live or listen it's pretty much the same.

  • One male jock with an over inflated ego who dreams of being a stand-up comedian (but isn't funny) If a morning show was the solar system... he would be the sun.  All the other players rotate around him. 

  • One female sidekick with personal problems.  She may or may not look good and have big hooters. She probably whines a lot about her love life and gets the pity of the audience.  

  • One Black, Hispanic, Asian, etc. sidekick/producer to add that "all inclusive feel" and get coffee for the rest of the staff and go do stupid stunts and harass listeners outside of the radio station.

  • One perky or dumb intern (usually clueless) the public can identify with.

  • Note: on ethnic stations all of this is the exactly the same except the producer or intern is usually a dumb white guy.

This has been the formula for most major market morning shows for the last 10 years or so and will continue for the foreseeable future.