You're a Listener and you don't get it... 

You think you favorite DJ lives and works in the same city as you?  Chances are he lives hundreds, if not thousands of miles away and has never been to your city, burg, ville, or podunk town.  Today, through the miracle of electronics, one guy can sit in a booth in Austin, TX and do a six hour show in one hour or less.. and be heard in 300 different markets.  It's called voice tracking and it saves the owners of radio stations hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and gives you, the listening public, a bland, non-local, show to listen to.  It's about the money stupid!  Why pay DJs in 300 markets when you can pay one guy for two hours work that covers all of those markets?  If your DJ says things like, it's 10 minutes after the hour (and never says what that hour is) chances are you're listening to a voice tracked station.  You get the same boring pile of crap all across the USA.

KRUD Listener Tip:   The Fall book is just around the corner.  Look for your local radio station to rip-off some contest they heard about in another market.  They may steal some idea from TV and implement it badly on the radio with a fraction of the prize money.  Radio rarely has original ideas anymore. Everything is stolen.

Look for new personalities to appear just in time for the Fall rating period.. the guy that had the gig before them either got a better gig or was blown out because he was a useless, no talent loser... or he got caught doing the bosses secretary.

Speaking of money.. if you hear a station offering to give away something like... ummm...  a Million Dollars.... you can bet your ass that the odds of winning that million from the radio station are even higher than winning at Power Ball.  Do yourself a favor.. don't hang by the phone trying to win.  It ain't gonna happen.....but it's still fun to dream.... loser.