You're a Listener and you don't get it... 

Most stations employ a "voice guy" or "Voice God" depending on the budget of the station. "Voice Gods" get paid big bucks, "voice guys" get paid more than burger flippers but quite a bit less than "Voice Gods". The "Voice God" is the guy you hear on all the station promos. He usually sounds like he has a wheelbarrow full of balls. His is the voice that sounds better than anyone else on the staff. Voice Gods usually work out of their homes. They have a "Home Studio" and a DSN line so they can "work" as if they were "in studio" at the radio station.

"Voice Gods" are paid lots of money to read little bits of copy. Some of these guys can make more money in 60 seconds than you make in 60 days. Most "Voice Gods" do work for a number or radio stations all over the country. Yeah, that's why the guy in LA sounded like the guy in Dallas.. it's the same guy.

"Voice Gods" get pissed when radio stations try to skirt the contract by sending them much more "voice work" than they agreed to do. We know, all he has to do is read the copy, how hard can that be? Ask any "Voice God" and they'll tell you how hard they work. And there's nothing funnier than listening to a "Voice God" complain about being overworked.