You're a Listener and you don't get it...

If it were up to sales you would hear.... "We'll be back with more commercials right after this brief pause for a song." You see, the fact that radio stations have to actually play something besides commercials is really irritating to sales people..... why play a song when you could play a commercial?

KRUD Listener Tip: Radio Sales will never understand that if they keep loading up the radio station with commercials and sponsorships that it will drive the listeners away... When the listeners go away.... the ratings fall. When the ratings fall.. sales has a tougher time selling they sell 'em cheaper and sell more of 'em to make up for lost revenue.... They never realize that if they protected the on-air product and allowed the programming department to actually program a radio station that people really want to listen to, instead of a radio version of the home shopping channel, that they could sit by the phone and take orders instead of kissin' client's butts to get an order.

Ever wonder why there's nobody at the stadium when there's no game? That's right, why show up when there's nothin' to see? So why listen when there's nothin' on the air but commercials? ....You listeners have known this for years... if you know someone in radio management or sales... give them a clue!