You're a Listener and you don't get it... 

OK, yeah, this is a little strange... but give us a break here.  We're going on vacation and we have to pack and go to the bank and ..   besides, someone should tell David Caruso (Horatio Caine) to stop posing for the camera.. the guy is always turned sideways (profile shot).. talking AWAY from the individual he is about to bust.. (in a never changing speech pattern).. then of course at the last minute he turns and looks at the guy and (takes sun glasses off).. says.."That's why you're going away for a long time, (insert perp's name here)."

And what's up with those sun glasses.. he wears them inside the dark confines of CSI, bars, bathrooms, dark closets and night clubs...  Probably sleeps with them on as well. Click on the link below... We guess they are his trademark on CSI.. but honestly they waste so much time with him putting them on and taking them off..   Don Johnson was much cooler on Miami Vice.

Ok... sorry, we lost it...  gotta go pack a few Hawaiian shirts now..

Click here to see the sunglasses and more!