You're a Listener and you don't get it...

You want to make money in radio? Get into sales or management. Being a jock is fun... but eatin' at Burger King every night gets old.

KRUD Listener Tip: Many people think Djs make a lot of money..
The truth: less than 1% make the really big bucks. The morning show jocks usually walk off with the biggest chunk of change from a radio station. The rest of the jocks could probably apply for food stamps.

Don't get us wrong... being a jock has many rewards... it's just that money is usually not one of them. You play music for a living. People know your name. You are a celebrity of a lesser magnitude. You don't sweat when you work.. unless the AC goes out, then the equipment turns the studio into a sauna. You get free CDs, get into concerts for free, maybe even eat for free every now and then. Meeting members of the opposite sex is pretty easy, even gettin' lucky is easier.. but none of this pays the bills or buys the car and house most of us would like to own.

If you're thinkin' of getting into radio so you can make a lot of money... stay off the air. Get your teeth capped, your nose fixed, your boobs lifted (if you have 'em), buy some nice clothing, a power pen, and go into sales. Then send us a few bucks for steering you the right way.

We'd write more but Brian and I both have to get our scooters out of the shop by noon or they're gonna be sold as scrap metal.