You're a Listener and you don't get it...

Many Program Directors take themselves way to seriously. In their minds.. they are the best. PDs that believe their own press usually have a very hard time dealing with other carbon based life forms on the planet.

KRUD Listener Tip: Program Directors are the guys that are usually responsible for everything you hear on the air. It usually doesn't get on the air unless they approve it. Sales can sneak some crap in but most of it has to be approved by the PD.

If you work for a really good station, the GM stays in his office, plays with his putter, and leaves programming to the PD. The PD fires and hires and can be good, bad or EVIL! Anyone that has worked in radio and had more than 3 jobs has probably worked for an Evil Program Director. A wooden stake though the heart is the only way to combat Evil PDs.