You're a Listener and you don't get it...

Sales people are a pain in the ass no matter where you work, radio, TV, car dealer, you name it. You see, sales people will promise the client anything to get the sale.

"You need a highly produced commercial on the air in twenty minutes? No problem. Our guy at the station can do it... no sweat! Your commercial will be on the air in mere minutes, and it'll be the best commercial you've ever had produced for your company...... uh... sign here."

Yeah Right! The sales lizards have no clue how difficult producing some of the crap they bring in can be. And they also think that their clients are the only ones that matter.. be sure you drop everything else. To make matters worse, most stations have 12 to 15 of these capped toothed wonders on the staff.

KRUD Listener Tip: If you own a business that advertises on any radio station, give the station time to do a good job for you. Don't wait until the last minute to submit your copy. Make sure your account executive (that's what they call sales slugs these days) understands you want the commercial submitted in plenty of time so that the production department can do a good job for you. Keep in mind that if you rush us.. it's gonna sound like crap and it's probably what you deserve.