You're a Listener and you don't get it...

Traditionally.... stations put their "best" air-talent on the morning show. These morning show types tend to think they are superior to everyone else on the air-staff. If they weren't good, they wouldn't be doing mornings, right? WRONG! More than likely the price was right or the guy was on the beach.

Just because a guy can do a few lame bits or character voices, that does not make him a "talent" or "a morning man". Working the slot and "filling" the slot are two different things. Something that most GM's and PD's no longer seem to understand. So, it's possible for a no-talent guy to end up with a morning talent salary.

KRUD Listener Tip: Nine out of ten Morning Guys fit the following description:

They are egotistical SOB's. They believe their own press. They will listen to a joke you tell, tell you it sucks, then tell it on the air and take credit for it. Morning guys never clean up after themselves. They expect to get all the best gigs. They are 99% of the time overpaid at the expense of the rest of the air-staff. They are never at fault when the ratings drop, it has to be diary placement or statistical wobble. They do not care about anything but the morning show. The rest of the station could go to hell for all they care.

It's that one out of ten that every station tries to find and hire and pay at the expense of the rest of the air-staff, that usually succeeds in the ratings and is loved and admired by his co-workers. They are naturally entertaining and engaging. They make no attempt to copy anyone they have heard on the air. They have fun. They help out with production, they care about the station's success, not just their own. They can take criticism without becoming defensive or nasty. They admit to mistakes. They're hard to find but worth the effort and the money.