A Note From Jim Tyler: I must apolgize for the quality of this week's cartoon. Brian and his wife went on a cruise.. have a great time Brian... forget about the KRUD web-site.. don't worry about it... I'll muddle along somehow. It's OK, I got a D in art class.. but I'll do something.... Bon Voyage!

You're a Listener and you don't get it...

If there is one thing a radio station knows, it's when it's off the air. It never ceases to amaze us that when the transmitter goes down, someone (times 10) will call and ask THAT question.

KRUD Listener Tip: If a station is running a contest and they say.... "We'll take the 9th caller to win..... that means that if you have been hogging the contest line "waiting" for the contest, you have just eliminated yourself. It's the 9th caller, not the first, not the second, not the third, the 9th caller is the one that will win. You can't already be on the line because that would make you the first caller... let us repeat.... it's the 9th caller that will win.