You're a Listener and you don't get it...

Another contest that missed the mark. The people that would really like to win the FAX machine can't enter, because they don't have a fax machine. It's the old Catch 22. Radio stations make this kind of promotional blunder all the time.

KRUD Listener Tip: Getting a record added to the playlist... So how many of you have called a radio station demanding that some song be played and the station isn't playing the song yet? Radio stations usually have a tight playlist. That means that the song doesn't get played on the air until it appears to make some major moves in the charts. Catch 22? Not Really. Offering to send us a copy will not help. (this does not apply in small markets) Talking to the Music Director will not help. Calling over and over requesting the song will not help. Telling us a competing radio station is playing it will not help. Threatening to start listening to the competing radio station will not help....... So What Helps?

Buying the record! Why? Because record SALES is a more accurate way to determine how a song is doing than 200 requests for the song by two or three people. We know..... you wanted us to play it so you could tape it. Don't be so cheap. Buy the record and support the artist.