Well, let's just say we'll both kick in a few bucks and the winner can buy their own damn shirt or blow the money on booze or some other vice that has contributed to getting them where they are today.





Brian Wilson resigns from KLIF Dallas!
Not only that..... but he's moving to Tulsa!

Grizzly Details......

Brian resigned from KLIF last week and is in the process of moving to Tulsa, OK. In a rare moment of sanity Brian realized that there are some things more important than radio. He leaves KLIF in Dallas as one of the premiere production/creative services guys in the United States. He will be looking for a gig in Tulsa at some time in the future. He's damn good. Probably not a soul in Tulsa can touch his work or creative abilities... digital production, keyboards, or Bison calling.

To say good luck to Brian or offer him work, click on the wish Brian good luck or offer him work hyper-link you just read.

NOTE: Brian will continue to be part of KRUD Radio due to my inability to draw worth a damn and the internet makes the distance between Dallas and Tulsa non-existant.. Brian may have to set his watch back 10 years but... byline Jim Tyler

Here is Brian's Goodbye

No gold watch, no free lunch, no singing stripper, no stripping singer, nothing... just get out, and clean up your old office before you leave....

Small Print: But let's let the truth be known... all of us at KLIF, KPLX, and 93.3 The Zone will miss Brian's talents and his presence among us. He was a tremendous asset to all three stations.. even though we only paid him for working at one. Good Luck Brian.

KRUD Listener Tip:

Radio stations are notoriously cheap when it comes to saying goodbye to a resigning employee... I mean really, the guy had the nerve to quit working for such a wonderful organization, so screw him. Hang some leftover Halloween crepe-paper on the door and a few post-it notes and that's good enough for the loser.