You're a Listener and don't get it....

This is a brief cross section of callers for contests on radio stations. If you look at the cartoon as a scale... from say... left to right, most callers fall between panel one and just past panel two. It's very rare that we get a panel three. This would be the equivalent of a level 5 tornado, or a 10 on the Richter Scale or simply dying and going to heaven. Since it's summer we get a lot of panel ones.. schools out and nobody is watching the rug-rats. At night we get a lot of panel 2's... nothin' to do but drink and call the radio station....but every now and then a panel three calls us.... Yes! Life Is Good!

If you're in radio.... you know the other meaning of this cartoon don't ya?

KRUD Listener Tip: If you are an adult...we know it's cute to put little Johnny on the phone and watch him call the radio station to hear his favorite song... but.. please, don't let him take all day to make the requests.. we really do have work to do and other callers, so make him rehearse before he calls so he doesn't take an hour to make the request and really try our patience