You're a Listener and don't get it....

.......or If You're Scott Adams and you're pissed.. see below..

We're Number One! Every station can say that. It's all in how you look at the numbers. We're number one with people with three chins. We're number one with people with a fifth grade education. We're number one with people who have no clue. We're number one with people who drive 1962 Plymouth station wagons. We're number one with ...... it goes on and on. Even if you suck... you can still be number one with people who like radio stations that suck.

A note from Jim Tyler:

I received the note below from Brian Wilson Sunday afternoon.
I had no knowledge of Brian's plan to do this cartoon and disavow
any knowledge or collaboration with Brian over this
if we're sued by a more talented and funny cartoonist..... I just want
to say... It was all Brian's idea. He made me do it.

Return-Path: <>
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 1997 15:33:26 -0500
From: Brian and Michelle Wilson <>
Subject: the krud zone

Well it's our one year anniversary and krudtoonist Brian Wilson
is taking the week off and letting his dear friend S'not Adams fill
in for him... Brian will be back next week unless Gary Larson
or Garry Trudeau send in a toon instead...

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KRUD Listener Tip: Never tell us you are trying to record a song... This tells us you're too cheap to buy the damn CD. In addition, it doesn't help the artist economically, nor does it do anything for the record's chart position.