You're a Listener and don't get it.... (this one's inside)

With thousands of dollars of audio processing equipment, why is it that so many radio stations, especially the alternative stations, have to ID themselves with what sounds like an ID that was recorded using a five dollar phone from K-Mart? And the clowns that do the breaks are charging the stations outrageous fees for their "voice" talent.. go figure. For years we talked about the great quality of FM and then we "try" to sound like an AM station.... now that's real progress.

KRUD Listener Tip: The Fall Rating Period begins soon... look for your favorite station to begin giving away lots of cool stuff. Cash, Cars, Boob Jobs, Vacations, Etc. They will also berate the competition, try to sabotage their appearances and events, and generally try to pull off as much "we're better than they are" as possible. What does this mean to you? Better prizes from the big stations and more music from those that sucked in the last Arbitron. You may also start to hear new voices on the radio as stations clear out the no-talent, dead weight they hired last year.