You're a Listener and don't get it....

The Traffic Chopper... what a wonderful concept... except that you just can't be everywhere at once. What we'd like to see is a chopper that really had some IMPACT on the traffic. The guys that do the traffic reporting try to do a good job and occasionally actually help you avoid traffic problems but most of the time they tell you what you already know.... you ain't going nowhere fast.

If your station's traffic guy is also the pilot of the chopper.... weeeelllllll now.. he's probably a military vet and would love to let loose with a few missles just to clear things up a bit.

KRUD Listener Tip: You can help when it comes to traffic problems.. give us a call and please be specific. The more specific you can be about the problem the more likely we can pass your info on to the cops and the listeners.

The Wrong Way: Uh.. hey.. there's some kina wreck on up the road... ah been sittin here fer at least three beers now and... belch... it ain't moved at all.

The Right Way: Hey, this is Tom, Dick or Harry on northbound I-35 at LBJ and there's a three car accident that has traffic backed up for about 3 miles. I've been stuck here for about 30 minutes and traffic is not moving at all.... belch!