You're a Listener and don't get it....

The Client Wants To Record His Own Commercial... If you hear a really bad commercial on the radio, chances are that the client decided to save a little money by voicing the commercial him/herself. Some of these guys really think they sound good. If you hear a commercial that starts off with... "Hi Folks" it's probably the client, his son, or some sales schlub hawking something from the family business. Car Dealers are the worst offenders... but you probably already knew that.

Why clients should not cut their own commercials... When the client comes to the radio station to cut his own commercial the poor production slob that gets "the honor" of overseeing the production of the spot is in for a couple of hours of hell. Here's why.....

1. Client will write the copy on the spot.. eating up valuable production time.

2. Client will modify the copy every time he reads it. (recut.... take 12)

3. Client will have to take a break to call the office... several times.

4. Client will have wrong inflection on at least 12 key phrases. (recut.... take 52)

5. Client will finally finish the spot without blowing a word but the spot will be 72 seconds long (recut... take 74)

6. Client will finally finish the spot without blowing words and get it under 60 seconds.. but he won't like it.. (recut.... take 110)

7. Client will call the day after he has completed the spot and decide he left out something and will need to come back for another "short" production session.

KRUD Listener Tip: With the holidays coming up why not send a card to your favorite DJ? Just say thanks and you enjoy listening. Don't ask for anything, just say thanks. Your gesture will be appreciated... try to spell their name correctly.