You're a Listener and don't get it....

The Logic Of Management Is Twisted And Evil... Management will always try to pay the air talent less than they are worth. They'll use every twisted example they can to justify NOT paying the guy what he is worth.

Here's an example... a jock meets with the PD regarding his raise. The jock asks for $20,000 a year. Management offers $17,000. The jock is making $15,000. He has substantially increased the ratings in his daypart. He's kickin' ass in the market. He gets along well with the rest of the air staff, sales, etc. Not only that but he is a production genius and has a knack for promotions as well. The guy is pretty much every PD's dream. A model employee. Management thinks they are saving money... what they are really doing is undermining their own radio station.

Will management pay this poor guy what he's worth?.... not on your life. Management will pay what they can get away with. Pay a jock what he's worth? No, that will not happen.. Instead, you will hear the PD saying... "There just isn't anymore money available for salaries. This is the best we can do. Maybe there will be more in the future."

The future arrives pretty damn quick when the jock is offered a gig at another station for more than he asked for at his current job. Now, to hang on to this guy management has to come up with more than he asked for in the first place.... and you know what? Suddenly more money appears. Oh, gosh.. we forgot about the jock slush fund. Sales really doesn't need another weekend junket. OK, so we won't buy new desks for all the sales geeks. We don't really need a VIP membership at the nudie bar.

Bottom Line: If stations paid the air staff what they are really worth.. there'd be less turnover, better attitudes, better on air work and yes........ better ratings for the station.

Take Note Management: Take care of your staff and they will take care of you.

KRUD Listener Tip: Not every jock pulls down a Rick Dees salary... Never assume the jock you are listening to makes a ton of money. Most live from paycheck to paycheck. Some are lucky and make a bundle but most do not. Most are working stiffs like you, trying to pay the bills, raise a family and maybe save a little something for a dream they have..