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You're a Listener and don't get it....

Engineers May Seem Like Geeks... (some are) but don't be fooled by their techno-babble and (most of the time) strange and bizarre looks and demeanor.  Beneath that strange exterior and hidden behind those pocket protectors are real human beings that are just as crafty as the jocks and the sales snakes.  Keep in mind that It's usually pretty easy for the engineers to fool management because:

  1. Management thinks that the technical side of radio is one step removed from Voodoo and why take a chance on getting cursed by the most powerful person on the staff.... the chief engineer.  If he throws the switch, nobody's gonna hear anything and the clients ain't gonna pay for those damn commercials.
  2. Management does not know where the transmitter is located most of the time so they can't check on what the engineer is doing when he says he is "working at the transmitter site".

    E-Mail Comment

    Guys -- just clicked on this week's cartoon and split a gut.

    Reminds me of a chief we had in XX XXXX -- always had to make long runs to the transmitter site every day, would be gone for hours and hours. GM didn't have a clue as to where the site was -- on a visit one day with him, I found out he had turned the bomb shelter portion of the building (GM didn't know we had a bomb shelther, either) into a porno theater. He had reels of every skin flick known to man carefully catalogued and filed, a sound projector (16mm), a permanent screen, refrigerator, couches -- you name it.

    On top of it, the other chiefs would "stop by" most afternoons for the matinee.

    (Name witheld).. but a real e-mail to KRUD

KRUD Listener Tip: During the holidays don't send the air-staff stuff that you cooked yourself.   While this is touching and appreciated, none of us on the air would have the guts to eat anything sent to us unless it was store-bought and still in the original, sealed packaging.  We know many of you love us but then there are those that hate us (because we didn't play that damn song they requested or some other stupid reason) We'll look at the stuff and try to get others to eat it first to see if they die.