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You're a Listener and don't get it....

Well... radio stations hire some rather colorful, if not smart individuals.  Sometimes we forget that we are not private and anonymous members of society when some butthole cuts us off on the interstate.  We tend to react to situations of this nature as normal human beings would... even though we aren't. 

You see, when we are out in the public we still represent the radio station (even when we don't want to) and no matter what we do or how justified our actions may be, the radio station will take the heat because..... we must always be "nice, kind, and courteous to the listeners."  Management assumes everyone is a listener.. even the idiots that continue to multiply.

If we do make a social blunder..... finding us is no problem, just look for those huge call letters on the vehicle we are driving or on the shirt with our name on it and make that call ranting and raving about how one of the jocks flipped you off because you crossed three lanes of traffic to get to the exit ramp in less than 20 yards... which caused our left hand and middle finger to rise to the occasion.

KRUD Listener Tip: Did you know that there are now devices that not only give us your name but your phone number when you call us to say.... "You guys suck!"    Now it's our turn.