You're a Listener and you don't get it...

There are some days when the DJ just feels great! He's playin' the hits, the audio processing is right, he sounds great, it's a beautiful day, he got lucky the night before and he's just happy as hell to be alive and employed........ Then some self-centered, mindless, bozo will call requesting a song for a stiff. What a downer! Thank you! We needed that! You're sad so everyone's gonna to be sad... Puh-lease!

KRUD Listener Tip: Look, we all know how it feels to lose someone we love. We felt the same way when Elvis died. To borrow a phrase, "We feel your pain." but really, do you have to drag the rest of the world down in that quagmire of pain and grief you're wallowing in? Could you at least call the competition with this stuff? There is no graceful way to do what you ask and it's damn irritating when you're on a roll and what you really want to play is Robert Palmer's "Simply Irresistible".... Hey, ask Casey Kasem how he feels about this kinda stuff.

That last line was really inside.. you ought to hear the audio. If you click around this page you might find it.