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Our Story So Far:
Scott, "The Self-Consumed", is upset that he has to do a "Remote Broadcast" on the sacred "Day Off". He pleads with the High
Promotions Conselor to reverse his decision. "Surely this is punishment for my transgression against Corporate!" He bemoans, "For not even the nocturnal guard was aware that the Day Power had not shifteth to the Powers of Darkness, and therefore our rantings were heard all the way to the Hebrides!"
"Oh, Man!" lamented Sir Buzzalot. "Doth ye not know of the wrath of the mighty FCC?" Scott frantically researched the Books of Knowledge, seeking the wisdom of the elders in such crimes of ommission, yet they
yielded no precedent. "Yea, if the Great Commision findeth of our deed, we are truly screwed!" cries our hero.
But even as Prince Scott utters these words, he is unaware that the field soldiers of the Great Commission are already at the gates of the city.


Next Week:
The Ass-Kicking Commenceth

You're a Listener and don't get it....

Some radio stations.. usually AM radio stations must reduce power at sundown to keep from interfering with other stations on the same frequency hundreds, if not thousands of miles away.  Failure to reduce power is a violation of the FCC rules and regulations.... punishable by a stiff fine.  Sometimes the DJ forgets to throw the switch which will reduce the power... this is not good.  It can be and has been the reason many DJs have lost their jobs.

By the way:  Brian does this every year... he has a birthday and let's a "visiting" cartoonist do the KRUD cartoon.. This year it's the guy that does the Prince Valiant cartoon... I worry about getting sued and Brian laughs about it. 

KRUD Listener Tip: Never call a radio station and say.. I heard this song in "insert some city other than your own here" and it sounded great..... move there.