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You're a Listener and don't get it....

If you're in radio you understand this one..... TV stations never seem to mention the call letters of radio stations.  They will mention everything under the sun but radio call letters.  It's one of those things that drives us crazy!   Radio is really not in competition with TV but for some reason TV thinks we are and refuses to use the call letters of a radio station.  It's always... "A local radio station gave away a million dollars this morning to a homeless man with an Arbitron diary." 

If TV stations are at a huge radio station driven concert and there are station logos and banners everywhere, on stage, on the seats, on the port-o-potties, on people, skywriting, bumper stickers, laser projectors, etc.... you can bet that the TV station will shoot video that contains NOTHING that would indicate the radio station was involved.  TV sucks!  Let's all say that together... TV sucks..   (now we feel better)

KRUD Listener Tip: Well, it's that time of the year when stations all over the country are getting new Program Directors... just like spring Tulips they come popping through the door with a devilish grin on their faces and a grand design in their mind to make that old radio station of yours number one. 

Meanwhile, the air-staff becomes irritable and withdrawn because everyone on the staff just knows his ass is going to get canned.  Some staff members will actually perform better in an attempt to keep that paycheck coming... these are the ones that should have been gone before the new PD got there..  Jocks have to do their best all the time or you, the listeners, will cast your vote with the pen and fill out another ratings diary that is not in our favor.