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You're a Listener and don't get it....

As radio stations are bought, sold, and traded like baseball cards (thanks to deregulation) many of the people that made radio work are finding themselves out of work.   Here's an example... let's say a company buys four radio stations in the same market... first thing they do is move all of the stations into the same building.. the thought here is that it makes the stations easier to manage and communicate with... (what it really does is keep anyone from focusing on the problems of the individual stations)..... the second thing they do is find a way to cut down on all those people... OK, we have four radio stations in the same building so why do we need four production guys?  Why don't we fire (sorry, wrong term.. downsize) at least two of them and let the other two do all the work?  They seem to have a lot of free time on their hands anyway... Yeah, that's the ticket! 

Lots of good and talented people are finding themselves out on the streets because huge broadcast companies are buying up radio stations and "downsizing" so they can make more profit while having to pay fewer people... sound business idea but not a very humanitarian thing to do.  People's lives are at stake here and corporations are not known to care very much about the individual's personal problems... after all.... the corporation didn't tell them to get into radio.

KRUD Listener Tip: Please know which radio station you are listening to before you call and ask "What caller am I?  Did I win?"  We can always tell when the competition is running a contest because the bonehead listeners (the ones that don't know what they are listening to) call us to see if they have won.  And for cryin' out loud.... know the call letters!