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You're a Listener and don't get it....

Program Directors are the driving force behind any radio station.   They are the captains of the ship.  They have the power to hire and fire.   They have the power to dictate how a radio station "sounds".... it's character, it's soul, it's very essence is conceived by the Program Director.  A great Program Director can take a radio station that is languishing in the ratings and turn it around to become number one in just a few ratings periods......(We said great)

On the other hand.....

Radio is full of bad Program Directors!  (Many of them couldn't hack it on the air so they became Program Directors) What amazes us is that these guys go from one great job to another leaving a trail of broken radio stations and shattered lives behind them.  These are the Program Directors that can drop a number three or four radio station to 20th place in the market in less than a year.  They get fired and...... END UP WITH A BETTER JOB!!!  No, wait a minute, they don't get fired.... A note is posted in the break room that says the PD has decided to pursue other interests and management wishes them well in their new endeavor...  You've got to be kidding!!!!... This is the guy that just trashed your 50 million dollar radio station and you wish him well??!!!  What the hell are you thinking?

Those of us in the business have seen this happen over and over.  What gives?  Don't any of the victims of these Program Directors From Hell ever talk about what happened to their radio stations?  How do these clowns keep getting jobs at all, much less better jobs?  Hey if the guy was a bag of dirt shouldn't the rest of the broadcast industry know about him and avoid him?  NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!  We continue to hire the guy so he can ruin lives and destroy radio stations..... and let's double the SOB's salary while we're at it. 

It is a crazy business.  Brian and Jim feel much better now.

KRUD Listener Tip: Please........ don't ask us to play songs for dead people.