You're a Listener and you don't get it...

Radio Stations run some pretty dumb contests. Many times, a contest or promotion is dreamed up by the Promotions Director and the Account Executive. None, we repeat, NONE of these people should be allowed to try and be creative without guidance from the Program Director. And please... do NOT involve the General Manager. Why? Because Radio Station contests can go terribly wrong......

Dropping turkeys out of a helicopter.. catch them and keep them... problem...domestic turkeys don't fly.. they plunge to their death.

20 Song Music Guarantee.. if we play less than twenty songs.. you get $20,000... part-timer got the memo about playing spots at scheduled times but not the one about the music guarantee... part-timers first weekend is his last and station pays up $20,000.

If Your Key Starts The Car You Win It.... station gives out a number of keys that might start the Corvette....problem.... every key starts the Corvette.....station goes dark..... lot's of new 'vettes in town.

KRUD Listener Tip: If a station screws up... demand your prize! You get your prize or you'll sue. BUT...Only if they screw up. There are plenty of contest pigs out there that try to scam radio stations every single day. You know who you are and you know that we know who you are. Try to sue us and you'll pay the court costs.

Now why would someone in broadcasting tell a listener to sue? Because maybe management at 90% of the radio stations in this country ought to consider paying a decent salary for Promotions Directors so this kinda stuff doesn't happen. It's a thankless job that requires strange hours, a thick skin, lots of energy, most of your weekends, some of your nights, stapleguns, tapeguns, banners, balloons, tanks of helium, refrigerator magnets, bumper stickers, and other junk destined for the dumpster. Promotions Directors are given the chore of turning a pile of crap into a work of Radio Promotions Art.... with little thanks.