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You're a Listener and don't get it....

Every new Program Director has ALL the answers to any radio station's ratings problems.  The problems are usually the music, the jocks, the promotions department, the liners, the jingles, the formatics, even the part-timers, the station van, and swamp gas can be the cause of the ratings woes.....  In other words, nothing a good coat of fire couldn't cure.

Anyone who has been in radio for more than five years or had at least five jobs in radio in less than three years has been through the kind of meeting depicted in this week's cartoon.   The air-staff sits in fear of disagreeing with anything the new PD says and wonders if they will still be working by the end of the month.

KRUD Listener Tip: As a rule, radio stations do NOT make lost dog announcements.. those that do are not in a market subject to Arbitron ratings.