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You're a Listener and don't get it....

This one shouldn't need an elaborate explanation. It's just a play on words. Nobody knows what tape bias means, so we do a toon of somebody who has a bias against digital! Get it? Ha haaa! We're killing ourselves, here!

How to be an Audio Snob.

Audio Snobs are the smartass engineers who swear they can tell the difference between a CD and a MiniDisc("MiniDisc's inferior compression algorhythm gives it away"). What a great scam! They can hear things
nobody else can, so you have to defer to their superior dog-like hearing!  Now, you are at their mercy.  "You can't hear the drummer has asthma?  And the guitarist is definitely using Ernie Ball strings!"

Exercise One.

Just pretend you hear things others can't and you're on your way to becoming an Audio Snob. And don't forget to get a distant, glassy-eyed look during certain passages of a song, punctuated with an abrupt "SHH!  SHH!". Hold your hands out as if you were reaching to grasp a crystalline note illuminated by the darkness of a star from another dimension.  Remember, lay it on thick.

The effect of the Audio Snob is enhanced when you throw out audio terms like "transparent","warmth", "fluid" and "dark". Nobody knows what those words mean, and they'll be too intimidated to challenge you.

Next time: How to convince people you've never used a razor blade.

KRUD Listener Tip: Calling to complain because a record is not being played on the radio does not work... calling to request it, politely does.