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You're a Listener and don't get it...

Every PD craves power! PDs just can't resist the chance to "move up" and become a group PD.  Think of the power, the ego trip, the money, the benefits, the chance to really screw up lots of stations from one chair in one office, concealed in some corporate headquarters.  Think of the lives that one individual can now destroy...  er.. affect... It's an opportunity that simply can't be passed up.  It's like being... GOD! Oh the humanity!  So, it's time to turn in that resignation and head to greener pastures.  The big leather chair in the corner office with a mini-bar and fridge, frequent flyer miles galore, a company car, conventions, stock options, money, money, money.   Life is good.... unless.. you've been screwed and you don't know it.

KRUD Listener Tip: If your radio station vanishes, and is replaced by barking dogs, ticking clocks, babbling brooks, the sound of rain, the Budweiser Frogs or some other strange sound for days on end... guess what that means?   It's time for a format change... or...  a new, improved version of the old station to be launched very soon.   It's done to attract the attention of listeners and generate talk and speculation as to what is going on.  It usually works and gives you, the listeners, a few days in which to forget all the DJs that used to work at the "old" station and the music they played for you..  If  you are keeping a Barbitron diary, be sure and write down that frequency because the call letters may change along with the music and the air-staff.