Our story so far...

Danny bought the station a "BFL 9000" laser that fricasseed Garth Brooks during a concert, Danny blamed Buzz and fired him. Danny then hired loser programmer Rick Spinoza, fired Wiz, Scott punched out Rick, who fired Scott, and the ex-employees all wound up working at "Jack In The Crack", and Scott called Rick pretending to be Mel Karmazin and offered Rick a job, whereupon Rick believing he's group PD at CBS, tells Danny to stuff it!

Confused? You won't be for long.  If any of you think that all this is a stretch... you haven't been in the business very long.  Real life radio is much more bizarre than this.

toon88.jpg (190878 bytes)

Yes, this kind of stuff really happens in radio. 

KRUD Listener Tip:
It's time for new voices to start being heard on your favorite radio station.  Why?  Because it's time for stations to start tuning up for the Fall rating period.  Stations have to get those new voices in place so they'll be ready to kick ratings ass when the book starts.  What do you mean you liked the station the way it was?!  You're a listener!  What do you know?!