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You're a Listener and don't get it...

Yes, this kind of stuff really happens.  The correct way to ask that question is:  "May I make a request?"  We can't blame you for taking a shot.  Let's face it, you aren't really listening anyway.  More than often the song you requested was just played within the last ten minutes and as long as you're on the phone anyway... you might as well ask if you've won anything.  Hell, you could be the ninth caller and not even know it... yes.. that happens also. 

KRUD Listener Tip: Well, the kids are back in school and that can only mean one thing... the Fall rating period can't be that far away.  Big radio station contest are on the horizon.  New DJs hired during the summer have either driven you to the competing station or you have learned to love them and forgotten about the poor schlub that had the job before the latest, greatest voice to grace the airwaves.  It's a never ending cycle aimed at one thing.. getting you to listen longer to the radio and filling out the Arbitron diary correctly... that, by the way, is another topic for another day.