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You're a Listener and don't get it...

Almost every Jock thinks they are someone else... only better. We were all influenced by listening to someone else and then "improving" on the model we chose.  In our minds, we are the new improved model of whoever.... The truth is we usually fall short of the mark in everyone's opinion but our own.   Program Directors and CONsultants are always telling us to... "Be yourself."    OK.......   "92.3 KRUD... would you like cheese with that?"

KRUD Listener Tip: Well, you stingymoneygrubbingfreeloading, SOB's... it's the holiday season.  When we ask you to drop off a toy or make a donation so some poor kid can have a real Christmas for a change... cough up some of that damn money you ripped off from the radio station.   Try to think of someone else for a change and maybe you will also experience the meaning of... it is better to give than receive.