How do I send Simon a truckload of money?

Hello. In an envelope.

Who I am: Simon Paul Travaglia

Born Hamilton, New Zealand in November '64, #2 of 7 kids

What I do:

Well, as of Nov 1993 I'm an Analyst/Programmer with the Information and Technology Services Department of the University of Waikato. The usual disclaimers apply here, we have a deal in which (unless otherwise stated) I don't speak for them and they don't speak for me.
It seems to work.
As of end of 95, I'm more of a Systems Admin for Waikato's AIX machines (no geek talk please) which is more or less an ok job.

I was in Operations for years and years at Waikato University and for a year Enterprise Oil PLC in London, which was a pretty cool place to work, all things considered.

My personal interests are Computing, Photography, Television, Film and Media. My musical interests are fairly diverse, but I enjoy the the work of John Hiatt, hence the entry in my homepage. I like comedy of all sorts, especially some of the "newer wave" British Stuff: "Comic Strip Presents..", "Bottom" etc and would like to spend at least one month a year in the UK (spending money allowing). I have been described as having an 'Anal Humour Fixation' (So I mention doo-doos and toilets from time to time, WHERE'S THE HARM IN THAT!?!?!?!?!), an 'anti-Church outlook' (Hell, tell a few Nun or Priest jokes and get burnt at the stake!) or being in need of serious psychiatric attention (Axe murder a couple of pets and straight away they think there's something wrong with you!). CUT ME SOME SLACK HERE!

My personal aims are to aquire all the Pentax K1000 cameras in the world. Everyone needs something to aspire to. K1000s, great cameras.

You've been good and I think I know you enough to open up to you. My personal shortcomings are: 98% of the time I don't have the patience for photography, Nothing annoys me more than a pointless meeting, I lose 'the muse' regularly, and I am a capitalist.

If you have a spare camera or $1000 and are feeling particularly generous (and let's face it, stupid) you could mail it to me at P.O. Box 13018, Hamilton, New Zealand.

My Plans

Oh, and I don't completely understand half the things I write either...

Email Address:
Fax: +64 7 838-4066

P.s. It was brass and about 2 inches long.

P.P.S. I'm serious about K-1000's. Even ONE would be nice!

Favourite Quotes: