Lyrics for singles by Firefall

Just Remember I Love You
You are the Woman
Livin' Ain't Livin'
Strange Way

Just Remember I Love You

When it all goes crazy and the thrill is gone
The days get rainy and the nights get long
When you get that feelin' you were born to lose
Staring at your ceiling, thinkin' of your blues

When there's so much trouble that you wanna cry
The world has crumbled and you don't know why
When your hopes are fading and they can't be found
Dreams have left you waiting, friends have let you down

Just remember I love you
And it'll be alright
Just remember I love you
More than I can say
Maybe then your blues will fade away

When you need a lover and you're down so low
You start to wonder, but you never know
When it feels like sorrow is your only friend
Knowing that tomorrow you'll feel this way again

When the blues come callin' at the break of dawn
Rain keeps fallin', but the rainbow's gone
When you feel like crying but the tears won't come
When your dreams are dyin', when you're on the run


Just remember I love you
And it'll be alright
It'll be alright
It'll be alright
It'll be alright

You are the Woman

You are the woman that I've always dreamed of
I knew it from the start
I saw your face and that's the last I've seen of my heart

It's not so much the things you say to me
It's not the things you do
It's how I feel each time you're close to me
That keeps me close to you


It's not so much your pretty face I see
It's not the clothes you wear
It's more that special way you look at me
That always keeps me there


It's hard to tell you all the love I'm feeling
That's just not my style
You've got a way to send my senses reeling
Every time you smile


Of my heart
Oh oh of my heart

Livin' Ain't Livin'

All the empty words I've spoken
All the promises I've broken
All the lovers and the loves I've pushed away

Now they all come back to haunt me
And the silence seems to taunt me
'Cause they've turned the tables round the other way

Livin' is easy with someone {who cares, to care}
Someone to call you their own
Livin' is lovely with somebody there
Livin' ain't livin' alone . . . ain't livin' alone

Did I turn my back so coldly
On the ones who tried to hold me
Saying only that I needed to be free

Now I know some dreams were shattered
Because I never thought it mattered
No, I never thought of anything but me


Have I taken all my chances
Will there be no more romances
Did I make my choice and never even know

But I'm much too young for endings
So I have to keep pretending
That tomorrow is the day my love will show


Livin' ain't livin', no, it ain't livin' alone

Strange Way

Didn't I hear you cry this morning, didn't I feel you weep?
Teardrops flowin' down on me, like rivers in my sleep
And in my dream of laughter, you came creepin' with your fears
Telling me your sorrows, in the tracings of your tears

That's a strange way to tell me you love me
When your sorrow is all I can see
If you just want to cry to somebody
Don't cry to me, no
Don't cry to me, no

Didn't I hear your voice this morning, didn't you call my name?
I heard you whisper softly, but the words were never plain
And in your dream of darkness, I came shinin' like the sun
Waiting for the laughter, but the laughter never comes


Didn't you feel alone this morning, didn't you need a friend?
And in your darkest hour, you came runnin' back again


That's a strange way to tell me you love me
That's a strange way to tell me you love me
That's a strange way to tell me you love me