Lyrics for singles by Grateful Dead

Uncle John's Band
Friend of the Devil
Casey Jones
Alabama Getaway
Touch of Grey

Uncle John's Band

Well the first days are the hardest days, don't you worry any more
'Cause when life looks like easy street, there is danger at your door
Think this through with me
Let me know your mind
Wo-oh, what I want to know is, are you kind?

It's a buck dancer's choice my friends, better take my advice
You know all the rules by now, and the fire from the ice
Will you come with me?
Won't you come with me?
Wo-oh, what I want to know, will you come with me?

God damn, well I declare, have you seen the like?
Their walls are built of cannon balls
Their motto is "don't tread on me"

Come hear Uncle John's Band, playing to the tide
Come with me or go alone
He's come to take his children home

It's the same story the crow told me, it's the only one he knows
Like the morning sun you come and like the wind you go
Ain't no time to hate
Barely time to wait
Wo-oh, what I want to know, where does the time go?

I live in a silver mine and I call it Beggar's Tomb
I got me a violin and I beg you call the tune
Anybody's choice
I can hear your voice
Wo-oh, what I want to know, how does the song go?

Come hear Uncle John's Band, by the river side
Got some things to talk about
Here beside the rising tide

Friend of the Devil

I lit out from Reno, I was trailed by twenty hounds
Didn't get to sleep that night till the morning came around

Set out running but I take my time
A friend of the devil is a friend of mine
If I get home before daylight I just might get some sleep

I ran into the devil babe, he loaned me twenty bills
I spent the night in Utah in a cave up in the hills


I ran down to the levee but the devil caught me there
He took my twenty dollar bill and vanished in the air


Got two reasons why I cry away each lonely night
The first one's named sweet Anne Marie and she's my heart's delight
Second one is prison baby, sheriff's on my trail
And if he catches up with me I'll spend my life in jail

Got a wife in Chino babe, and one in Cherokee
First one says she's got my child but it don't look like me


Casey Jones

Driving that train, high on cocaine
Casey Jones you'd better watch your speed
Trouble ahead, trouble behind
And you know that notion just crossed my mind

This old engine makes it on time
Leaves Central Station 'bout a quarter to nine
Hits River Junction at seventeen to
At a quarter to ten you know it's travelling again

Trouble ahead, the lady in red
Take my advice you'd be better off dead
Switchman's sleeping, train Hundred and Two
Is on the wrong track and headed for you

Trouble with you is the trouble with me
Got two good eyes but we still don't see
Come round the bend, you know it's the end
The fireman screams and the engine just gleams


Truckin' got my chips cashed in
Keep truckin' like the doodah man
Together, more or less in line
Just keep truckin' on

Arrows of neon and flashing marquees out on Main Street
Chicago, New York, Detroit and it's all the same street
Your typical city involved in a typical daydream
Hang it up and see what tomorrow brings

Dallas got a soft machine
Houston too close to New Orleans
New York's got the ways and means
But just won't let you be

Most of the cats that you meet on the street speak of true love
Most of the time they're sitting and cryin' at home
One of these days they know they gotta get goin'
Out of the door and down to the street all alone

Truckin' like the doodah man
Once told me "You got to play your hand
Sometimes the cards ain't worth a dime
If you don't lay 'em down"

Sometimes the lights all shining on me
Other times I can barely see
Lately it occurs to me
What a long strange trip it's been

What in the world ever became of Sweet Jane?
She lost her sparkle, you know she isn't the same
Living on reds, vitamin C and cocaine
All her friends can say is "Ain't it a shame"

Truckin' up to Buffalo
Been thinking you got to mellow slow
Takes time, you pick a place to go
And just keep truckin' on

Sitting and staring out of the hotel window
Got a tip they're gonna kick the door in again
I'd like to get some sleep before I travel
But if you got a warrant, I guess you're gonna come in

Busted down on Bourbon Street
Set up like a bowling pin
Knocked down, it gets to wearing thin
They just won't let you be

You're sick of hanging around, you'd like to travel
Get tired of travelling, you want to settle down
I guess they can't revoke your soul for trying
Get out of the door, light out and look all around


Truckin', I'm a-going home
Whoa, whoa, baby, back where I belong
Back home, sit down and patch my bones
And get back truckin' on

Alabama Getaway

Thirty-two teeth in a jawbone
Alabama's tryin' for none
Before I have to hit him
I hope he's got the sense to run

The reason those poor girls love him
Promise them everything
Why they all believe him?
He wears a big diamond ring

Alabama getaway, getaway
Alabama getaway, getaway
Only way to please me
Turn around and leave and walk away

Majordomo Billy Bojangles
Sat down and had a drink with me
Said what about Alabama
That keeps a-comin back to me?

I heard your plea in the courthouse
The witness box began to rock and rise
Forty-nine sister states
Had Alabama in their eyes


Major said, why don't we give him
rope enough to hang himself?
No need to worry the jury,
They'll probably take care of themselves

Twenty-third Psalm Majordomo
reserve me a table for three
Down in the Valley of the Shadow
Just you, Alabama and me


Touch of Grey

It must be getting early
Clocks are running late
Paint by numbers morning sky
Looks so phony

Dawn is breaking everywhere
Light a candle, curse the glare
Draw the curtains, I don't care
'Cause it's alright

I will get by
I will get by
I will get by
I will survive

I see you got your list out
Say your piece and get out
Yes I got the gist of it
But it's alright

Sorry that you feel that way
The only thing there is to say
Every silver lining's got a
Touch of grey


It's a lesson to me
The Ables and the Bakers and the C's
The A B C's
We all must face
And try to keep a little grace

I know the rent is in arrears
The dog has not been fed in years
It's even worse than it appears
But it's alright


Cows are giving kerosene
The kid can't read at seventeen
The words he knows are all obscene
But it's alright


It's a lesson to me
The Deltas and the East and the Freeze
The A B C's
We all think of
And try to keep a little love

The shoe is on the hand it fits
There's really nothing much to it
Whistle through your teeth and split
'Cause it's alright

Oh well a touch of grey
Kind of suits you anyway
That was all I had to say
And it's alright

I will get by
I will get by
I will get by
I will survive

We will get by
We will get by
We will get by
We will survive